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Helping individuals and families reach through the difficult to grasp the beautiful.




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Why Therapy?

Therapy assists individuals and families often in a time of crisis. The nature of crisis is often very personal or private in nature. Therapy offers a safe place for these topics to be discussed and addressed, either individually or as a group.

Therapy is also a safe place for exploration and self growth. Therapy provides a way to explore one's self and their relationships with others in the world. This can be done either as individual or family therapy.

When to do Therapy?

Entering therapy can be scary. "Do I really need therapy?" is a common question people ask themselves. Therapy can provide opportunities of growth and self awareness. Asking yourself: "Do I want to explore myself and my relationships?" can assist in determing if entering therapy at this point in your life is helpful.

Areas of Focus:

- Individuals, Family and Couples
- Depression (Specifically Medical)
- Death Anxiety
- Grief & Bereavement
- Relationships
- Anxiety
- Personal Growth


The initial session is free as I believe the client-therapist relationship is vital to the success of therapy. I also believe that clients should look for a therapist that will work for them and they feel comfortable with.

All other sessions will be charged at $85.00 for 50 minute sessions. I do offer sliding scale.